Registered Office - 10 Suffolk Way, Swadlincote, DE11 9GL


How Silverwings Grill came about is not your conventional story.  Our other job is flying tubes of metal across the world to far away places hence our name.

Adam & Paul met a decade ago whilst at Flight School before moving out to Indonesia to start their new careers in the world of aviation. This is where they met another fellow Midlander, Dave.

Many enjoyable years were spent working out in Asia and travelling around the world before returning back home to continue their career.

While living in each others pockets, Adam & Paul conceived the idea of Silverwings Grill through their shared passion of great food from around the world.

In 2017, that dream was born with Silverwings Grill popping up at events and festivals across the country. 


In 2018, we are ramping up our expansion plans with Dave onboard driving Silverwings Grill forward with some exciting new ideas and events. Watch This Space!